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Commercial Kitchen Equipments at Best Price in India

We are one of the best commercial kitchen equipment manufacturers & suppliers in Mumbai & Navi Mumbai, India. We also deal in Industrial kitchen setup, Commercial Kitchen Equipment, Industrial refrigeration, Commercial refrigeration and concession equipment like warmers, fryers, pop-corn maker, ice maker, Reach-in, under counters, blast chiller, bottle cooler, popper display freezer and electric grills.

We provide your restaurant with top-class industrial-grade equipment for the Kitchen that can withstand regular use. Here is then presenting you a checklist of types of equipment that we sell.

They are as follows:

1. Double Tank Table Top Electric Fryer.

2. Vegetable Cutting Machine.

3. Cotton Candy Machine.

4. Jumbo Sandwich Griller.

Besides, we also provide Commercial Kitchen equipment such as a coffee machine.

Commercial Chapati Making Machine Manufacturers in Mumbai, India

Our focus is also to bring to you high-quality kitchen equipment service inclusive of kitchen appliances service according to your specific needs.

Our basic idea is to serve people, sell commercial kitchen products, and become the best commercial kitchen equipment manufacturers in the Mumbai & Navi Mumbai area.

So, visit BSE to choose among the best Kitchen pieces of equipment for your hospitality business that helps you take care of maintenance, repairs and deep-cleaning of your Kitchen equipment.

After all, we always strive to be the one-stop solution to all your Commercial Kitchen Equipment requirements at the best price in India.


BSE is one of the best commercial hotel kitchen equipment manufacturers & suppliers in Mumbai & Navi Mumbai, India. BSE provides you with the latest kitchen equipment for your Hotel used in the hospitality industry.

We manufacture Commercial Hotel Kitchen Equipments in Mumbai & Navi Mumbai who seek to provide you with all kinds of kitchen equipment used in the hospitality industry. These include receiving equipment, storing equipment, hot kitchen equipment, cold kitchen equipment and serving equipment.

Our objective is to provide you with the best commercial hotel kitchen equipment at the best price in India.

They would be inclusive of continental kitchen equipment, Indian kitchen equipment and south Indian kitchen equipment.

Furthermore, we offer you a wide assortment of Hotel Kitchen equipment to buy from that too at affordable prices.

More importantly, we at BSE, seek to offer clients complete cost- effective and secure kitchen solutions using cutting edge technology for all the challenges they may have to face in the Hospitality industry.


BSE is the leader in the manufacturing of the commercial restaurant kitchen equipment sector for over three years. Our Productsthe range is a brand that stands for quality, restaurant kitchen safety, and restaurant kitchen durability.

We are a commercial restaurant kitchen equipment manufacturer & supplier company in Mumbai & Navi Mumbai area that intends to provide your expert chef with tools that help prepare a tasteful meal. The objective, therefore, is to provide you with pieces of cooking equipment made keeping in mind every minute detail that every hospitality business needs.

We also intend to provide you with the best maintenance for all your restaurant kitchen equipment at the best price in India.

Our product range is the highest class of craftsmanship and stands for quality restaurant kitchen safety and kitchen equipment durability.


We at the BSE provide you with experts that combine a culinary experience with design expertise to give you the best Hotel Kitchen designing service.

We are a hotel kitchen designing company in India which possesses a team of professional designers, who create hotel kitchens, the primary focus being your most valuable asset the guest.

In other words, we intend to give your restaurant kitchen the perfect makeover. We also use advanced design technology offered at a price that you cannot ignore.


At the BSE, a commercial kitchen design equipment company in India, we are committed to providing you with Kitchen.

Our Kitchen Designing Services that help you create a kitchen that inspires your restaurant. We also provide compact designs made in a way to help you assemble all the pieces of equipment that your Kitchen needs.

Apart from the hospitality industry, we are also manufacturers of kitchen design for hospitals. The facilities we provide would include a complete range of gas electrical operated equipment for the preparation area, cooking area, dish wash area, refrigeration area, storage area, dining area, etc.

Our objective is to provide the best kitchen designing services for many leading restaurants, hospitals, and nursing homes throughout the country.


It is with high-quality commercial kitchen appliances and competitive prices that BSE intends to provide your hospitality business with. Our primary objective is to satisfy all our clients by bringing the best commercial kitchen equipment in India.

Some of these include high-quality cooking appliances fitted with burner's brass. More importantly, we also seek to provide after-sales services and also deliver the order on time.

BSE, the top Commercial Kitchen Equipment Company in India is rapidly growing and making its presence in the market for the following reasons:

1. Presence of proactive employees as well as advanced machines that help world-class engineer products.

2. Upgradation of machinery with the latest techniques.

3. Variety of designs and sizes to choose from.

4. Flexible quality control measures to ensure flawless production.

5. Durable and economical solutions to suit the budget of every organization.

6. A unique range of products available at nominal prices.

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