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B.S.Enterprises is a chapati making machine manufacturer and supplier in Mumbai, which provides its customers with the best chapati making machine in India. Our primary objective is to provide you with roti making machines that have high temperature fittings of up to 500 degrees that produce high quality chapatis.We manufacture some of the finest roti machines which are capable of producing 3000 chapatis per hour to 40000 chapatis per hour. These machines comprise rust-free coating so you do not have to worry about any corrosion.

We provide you with the best chapati making machine in India made from Stainless steel and heavy MS. All our commercial automatic roti maker machines are easy to use, easy to clean and economical.Our best chapati maker machines are covered and made out of Stainless steel and heavy MS with support of a heavy burner LPG gas. All in all our commercial roti making machines are easy to use, easy to clean and economical. They also require only two workers/attendants to operate the electric machine, which reduces the labour cost efficiently.

Being the best commercial roti making machine in Mumbai, it has sound infrastructure that is well equipped with all requisite equipment and upgraded machines that help us cater to our prestigious client’s bulk requirements. We also have employed a team of highly skilled and talented professionals who work passionately to provide you with a quality approved product range that complies with the clients given specifications.

Commercial Chapati Making Machine Manufacturers in Mumbai, India

At BSE Enterprises, we provide you with high quality machines comprising a 360- degree chapati baking technology, advanced precision motor and gearbox that assures high rate of production with sufficient chapati cooking/roasting and minimal maintenance. They consist of rust-free coating so you do not have to worry about any corrosion. So, if you want to enjoy some fresh rotis made using an automated machine, visit B.S.ENTERPRISE and get the best chapati making machine in India.

Technical Specification:

Sr.No Particulars Units
1 Production Capacity 1000 Roti/Hour
2 Size of Roti 2″ to 7″
3 Weight of Roti 20 to 70 gm
4 Thickness of Chapati Up to 1.5mm
5 Electrical Supply 230 V (Single Phase)
6 Electrical Connection Load 6 HP
7 Electrical Consumption 3 Unit / Hour
11 Roti Colour Light Brown
12 Overall Dimensions 6.5′(L) x 2.8′(W) x 6′(H)
13 Roti Appearance Brown
14 Overall Dimensions 7′ (L) X 3′ (W) X 6′ (H)
15 Weight of Machine 500 Kg.
16 All Contact Parts SS 304
17 All Cover SS 304
18 Roti Baking Conveyo Crompton
20 Gear Box Elecon
21 Roti Baking Conveyo Crompton
22 Electrical Parts Siemens, L&T
23 Machine Easy Movable Yes
B.S.ENTERPRISES Dough Ball Making Machine

The machine is easy-to-operate and clean and can be customized to control the size of dough balls as per the need. With smooth dough ball cutting and easy-to-integrate mechanism, the machine produces a great boost in productivity of existing operations without diminishing current processes. Developed, designed, engineered and produced using high-grade raw materials and latest technology, the machine is an errorless, reliable and functional product, a must for every commercial kitchen.

Technical Specification:

Type Dough Ball Making Machine:

Sr.No Particulars Units
1 Production Capacity 1800 Dough Ball / Hourr
2 Weight Adjustable 20 gm to 60 gm
3 Electrical Supply 230 V (Single Phase)
4 Electrical Connection Load 1 HP
5 Electrical Consumption 0.4 Unit / Hour
6 Machine Size L 2.6 X W 1.8 X H3 ft
7 Machine Weight 80Kg
8 Machine Contad Pari y SS 304

1. What is the cost of a commercial chapati making machine in Mumbai?

The cost of chapati making machines in Mumbai depends on the type you intend to buy. So, for a manually operated roti making machine the price ranges from a minimum of Rs 120000 and maximum of Rs 750000.

An automatic roti making machine cost ranges from a minimum of Rs 65000/Piece and maximum of Rs 630000/Piece. While a semi-automatic roti making machine is priced at a minimum of Rs 48000/Piece and maximum of Rs 450000/Piece.

2. Which brand Roti Maker Machine is worth buying?

There are a number of chapati making machines in India in 2021 that can be considered to be the best.

They are as follows:

a. BSE Kitchens Roti Making Machine

b. Bajaj Vacco “Go-Ezzee” Non-Stick Chapati Maker

c. Sunflame RM1 900-Watt Roti Maker

d. Favy Roti Maker Eagle Made Life 4500

e. Baltra BTR-201 900 watt Magicook Roti Maker

3. Who is the best commercial roti making machine manufacturer in Mumbai?

BSE Kitchen is the best commercial roti making machine manufacturer in Mumbai which produces a high-quality roti making machine made from stainless steel, which has a non-stick plate and possesses a power consumption of 900 watts.

Furthermore, this chapati making machine has a dimension of 30 x 20 x 21 cm.

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